Sunday, 29 April 2012

We are going

Appreciating “We are Going” by Oodgerooo Noonuccal
1. Explain why they are “silent and subdued”.
2. How are white men represented? Why?  Is this a simile or a metaphor?
3. What is a bora ring and explain why it is so central to this poem.
4. Explain their reaction in line 8.
5. Line 9 begins a ‘litany’. (A litany is a type of religious chant.) What is the effect produced?
6. Comment on the significance of the metaphors used in the poem.
7. Comment on the structure and form of this poem.
8. Comment on the mood and atmosphere created in the poem.
9. What word is repeated in the last 5 lines - what effect does this repetition of the word create?
10. Think about the theme, title and conclusion of the poem.  How do they work together to create meaning

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