Monday, 14 May 2012

Albert Namatjira

Kath Walker wrote a poem entitled Namatjira.  It is about an indigenous artist called Albert Namatjira and what happened to him

Here is the poem

Aboriginal man, you walked with pride,
And painted with joy the countryside.
Original man, your fame grew fast,
Men pointed you out as you went past.
But vain the honour and tribute's paid
For you strangled in rules the white man made:
You broke no law of your own wild clan
Which says, "Share all with your fellow-man."
What did their loud acclaim avail
Who gave you honour, then gave you jail?
Namatjira, they boomed your art,
They called you genius, then broke your heart.


In groups of 2 or 3 create a PowerPoint to accompany a reading of this poem.  Your Powerpoint should help the viewer understand who Albert Namatjira was, what he was famous for and how he ended up in jail.

The sound track to the PowerPoint must have a reading of the poem.  You may also choose to have some music and extra commentary added.

The PowerPoint is best created in GoogleDocs and shared with the other members of your group and with me.

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