Thursday, 21 February 2013

Our changing language

Two written tasks

Task 1:  Poster

Amelioration, deterioration, specialisation and generalisation are 4 ways words change their meaning over time.  Please use the notes you took from the last two lessons to make a poster showing examples of each of these ways that words change their meaning.

This needs to be in a typed form please.  Print off and hand to me.  1 lesson allowed

Task 2:  Long answer

We have spent time looking at how our language changes.  You saw a video clip and a Powerpoint to illustrate change over time.  (Look at the post "A living language" from this blog)

We also read a handout on the history of the language and answered some comprehension questions and viewed a Scootle exercise on how meanings change from which you took notes.

Using all of that that information can you please now answer the following question.

The answer is to be typed thank you and must not only meet the minimum word count but must use examples to illustrate how language is changing.  2 lessons allowed

“Standard Australian Language is a living language within which the creation and loss of words are the evolution of ongoing usage.  Words change their meaning, new words are introduced and created, old words disappear and new ways of writing words are found.”  Write a 300-500 word response with examples to illustrate.

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