Sunday, 3 February 2013

vocab puzzle can you interpret?

Use the dictionary to try and decipher the plain meaning of the following letter.  Words in bold need to be explained.

“This is not intended to flummox, but unfortunately, catarrh has taken hold and caused our staff to have to lucubrate. We give orison, and do not feel the torrefication.
But alas, we won’t haw or find ourselves pecksniffian, we won’t be wastrels, we will be pukka. This email may not contain confabulation and I hope it is punctilious.
You may say I am foofaraw in my words, I will now cease from horbgorbling as the meaning of this email is arcanum.
I hope that I have helped to vivify you in this day.”

(Paragraph courtesy of Miss Taryn Conroy - June 2011)

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